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Shosh Ernst’s new collection of works regarding Beethoven expresses deep insight and perhaps some kind of falling with the music and character of Beethoven. Her love for his music took her to look deeper into his life and work. When she started to research into the complexity of his character and richness of his music despite the radical departure from traditional forms of the day, she created her collages.


When we stand before these works, we feel that we come to the secrets of Beethoven that we are privileged to see and feel and so connect with the master. Each collage expresses anther aspect of his life. It seems like it was very difficult to encompass the kaleidoscopic and grandiose feeling of passion and love for humanity in his work that is evoked in Shosh’s art. The artist created collages on paper with mixed media using wood cut prints, pastels, drawing in graphite, sketches in pencil, and photographs of Beethoven’s hand written scores. Also the originality of the shapes of each collage diversifies markedly as it is assembled. The artist in the past created series of works born from studying deeply into a particular subject or theme (E.G. the poetry of Paul Celan.) Here we have a completed series of Beethoven connecting his character and music. This exciting and unique series creates a fresh view of the great composer.


The connection, which is created between the artist and subject of her creation, brings a very special richness and broad view to her work. She succeeds in her work to encompass and include to viewer into her exciting journey.

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